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In 1999 Lenn van Beek launched a store and wholesale trade In lifestyle clothing as an extension of his skateboarding life and love for America. He opened the doors of his first lifestyle clothing store on the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. In 2001 Lucky Lenn opened his second shop on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam where you would find anything for streetwear, skateboard, surf, workwear, shoes, hats, tattoo clothing  music and accessories.

Today Lucky Lenn is a webshop for the everyday skater, surfer, craftsman, motorcycle rider and mischievous gentleman from the past and present. A combination of pastimes and influences from today’s fashion, music, sports handicraft and lifestyle. To this day the webshop is growing and Lifestyle brands such as Sailor Jerry, Loser Machine, Brixton, Dickies, Pointer Brand, Captain Fin, Gremmie skateboards, Generic Surplus, Ampal Creative, Dogtown, Ramble Skateboards, Old Dutch Leatherworks and Lucky13 Apparel are available for you! |
Passionate for Lifestyles!